About Us

Lobaks.com is a free online space for you to make anonymous confession. Whatever that you are feeling right now, whether it is happiness, sadness, guilty, funny, anger, stress or fear, you are welcome to express all these suppressed emotions inside you to Lobaks.com. Please rest assured that your confessions on Lobaks.com are completely anonymous.

If you happen to see a confession that you have experience in and can contribute positively towards, please feel free to relay your comments, suggestions and corrections at the comment box there.

Objective of Lobaks

To make you feel better! It is a known fact that feelings are important aspects of our lives and confessing our emotions, on the whole, is good for us. Due to our current way of life, we tend to suppress our feelings in order to maintain a positive social image. We feel guilty and worry if our emotion expression will hurt the feelings of others and cause problems to ourselves. This withholding of feelings will often lead to anxiety, restlessness and maybe even depression.

To overcome this, Lobaks.com is created to provide everyone a channel to vent your feelings in a written manner and at the same time get suggestions and help from other experienced users on overcoming what is bothering you. The best of all, you are able to express your feeling anonymously and in a healthy manner.

Let’s get started and make an anonymous confession now!