Hey Mr. blues

So I’m currently 15 years old and depressed since kindergarten. Which was my first suicide attempt. I was 5 that time. So this is what... Read more

Bisexual bomb

I decided to tell my bffs I was bisexual when I told all 3 of em 2 of em came out as bi as well…..but... Read more

Lil crush

So i have this crush on this guy and im furious because i have liked him for 6 years now. Since elementary all we have... Read more


finding out about your partner’s infidelity on the 2 year anniversary of beyonce’s “lemonade” — pray you catch me listening… Read more

Something stupid

I just wanna pour out my feelings in order to become clear headed again. Okay, today I accidentally snapped, I feel like my group friend... Read more

Impossible Questions

I get this feeling that I’m really insignificant, but it’s comforting. Like some weird mix of being insignificant, nostalgia, and feeling content. It’s not bad,... Read more